Monday, 7 June 2010

Quick Update

Well today I weighed 9 stone exactly. Its been hard work but I have got there woo hoo! I also measured myself and am now 33 bust 25.5 waist and 34.5 hips ! Dunno why I'm measuring half inches but its better than the 29 inch waist I used to have. All my size 10's are getting too big so maybe I'm an 8 now. I'm too cheap to buy any more clothes though incase I put the weight back on lol.

Feel so much happier as I was always uncomfortable about being chunky especially as I'm short.

Now I just need to maintain it .....

Monday, 17 May 2010

The results are in....

Ok so last week I told you all about my diet. I started off at 9 stone 9 lbs, Bmi 23. Today, at 7am, when I weighed myself my bmi was still 23 however my weight was 9 stone 6, so a total loss of 3lbs. I'm happy with this although I was hoping for 4 - 4 and a half lbs loss. What is wierd however, is that on Sunday night I did the wii fit body test and it said I had gained 2lbs! But I am putting this down to wearing different clothes (so the weights of the clothes differ) and the fact that you are naturally heavier at the end of the day, and lighter in the mornings. So from now on I'm only going to weigh myself in the morning.

It has been horrendously difficult this first week. On Thursday and Friday I had a terrible energy slump. I realised this was because I had stopped eating chocolate, sugar, pasta and potatoes, and had stopped drinking red bull and pepsi (all things my body was used to and relied on to get through the day). I am obviously going through a 'detox' because I still feel pretty crappy and snappy. I'm hoping next week will be better and I will have more energy.

I haven't had one single packet of crisps all week. I'm really proud of this. I have drank diet coke instead of the full fat variety. I haven't drank as much water as I said I would, but I have drank more water than usual so that's a positive. I have also been drinking green tea, which I can't stand. But I read somewhere it boosts your metabolism, so I have been giving it a go.

If I can lose 3lb more next week I will be very happy indeed.

To celebrate today's result I'm having a cup a soup and a night off from exercising. Oh how I spoil myself!

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

As a way of motivating me...

I will be keeping a weekly record of my weight loss/fitness programme for the next few weeks (hopefully). This is because I can't be arsed to go back to weight watchers. I'm not sure how many of you have been to a weight watchers meeting, probably none of you as you are all young, thin and gorgeous. At a weekly weight watchers meeting you stand in a massive queue with all the other fatties, waiting to find out that you have actually put on weight or stayed the same. You pay for the pleasure too, I'm not sure how much it is these days it used to be about £6.50 when I went. Then you are supposed to hang around for the 'motivational/inspirational' talk afterwards - an ex fatty tells you how to get thin. I shouldn't slag weight watchers off really, I lost 3 stone 6lbs at weight watchers five years ago. The problem is I just can't be arsed to go to the weekly weigh ins and pay all that money for the next few months. So I am attempting to go it alone....

I am going to keep a completely truthful account of the next few weeks (I'm hoping it will only take six - eight weeks to lose the amount of weight I want to lose). I started the whole dieting process properly on Monday, so next Monday will be the grand weigh in.

On Monday morning, according to Wii Fit (My scales are shite so I use the wii fit scales) I weighed 9 stone 9lbs :( My BMI was 23.

The reccomended weight and BMI of someone my height and age (29 5ft 4 ) is anywhere between 8stone 4lbs and 9stone 4lbs (I think but this was based on one of them internet calculator things). The average BMI for someone my age and height is somewhere between 21 and 25. Now according to this my BMI is ok, it is smack bang in the middle. But according to weight I am 5lbs over the 'accepted average'. I would like to get to a nice even 9 stone. I think 9 stone would be easier to maintain, as I still want to actually eat and drink and enjoy my food.

So, in conclusion (GOD I have just gone into uni mode, this ain't a bloody essay although it is as boring as an essay, I apologise) I have bought a pedometer to help me make sure I'm moving my round arse enough. I have been going for 20 minute runs 3 times a week (I can't manage more than 20 mins my smokers cough kicks in) and doing step aerobics on the wii fit for 30 mins each day, whilst watching TV.

Did you know that an average person is supposed to do 10,000 steps everyday! I didn't hence the pedometer. It's kind of hard for me to do 10,000 steps a day with 3 kids. We go everywhere by car, I know we shouldn't but you try walking 3 kids around everywhere it ain't easy. The wii fit step aerobics thing lets you do around 3,000 steps in one session. So at least I am doing 3,000 a day better than nothing I suppose.

As for food.... This is a sore point as I LURVVVE food. I have stopped drinking alcohol as it is full of sugar and calories. Alcohol will now be saved for outings and occasionally at the weekend. I have started making smoothies because generally I just don't eat fruit. It is much easier to drink it. I will be eating brown rice (yuk) and porridge. And I will attempt to drink at least a litre of water everyday.

It is such a huge commitment all this, I can see why skinny people are generally quite boring. Still, it is now or never I have 5 months of uni and therefore no excuse. I will not need to comfort or stress eat, which I generally do when I'm writing essays. I am hoping that this will be the start of a healthier me.

So, next Monday I will weigh myself and be honest about the answers.

But for now, I am off to weigh a cup of brown rice, to go with my stingy amount of chicken ......

Tuesday, 27 April 2010


Firstly, I would like to wish a very happy birthday to David Roberts who shares his birthday with me today. Secondly, I often spend my birthday thinking about all the things I have achieved in life and all the things I haven't. On the whole, I think I have achieved many great things and am very grateful for all the things I have. Of course there are things I regret, such as my first marriage, my relationship with an idiot who left me when I was pregnant, bleaching my hair etc etc.

Lately I have been worrying about getting old. A wise man (David Roberts) told me to stop my whinging. I am not old. With age comes wisdom. I can't wait for the wisdom thing to kick in! I do not feel my age, I think I am in a time warp, mentally I still feel about eighteen.

I also want to celebrate being a Taurus. I know I am biased but the most interesting people I know are Taurus's. Us Taurus's are stubborn, feisty, dramatic, creative, loyal, paranoid, jealous, passionate. We enjoy our food and drink, we sometimes suffer with throat problems (this is all according to a book I have on starsigns).We are best suited in love to Capricorns or Virgos. We are loyal lovers and friends.

I am having a great day, the sun is shining and on Saturday my house will be filled with people dressed up as superheroes and villans.

Hope everybody has a great bank holiday xxx

Friday, 9 April 2010

A quickie

It has been so long since I blogged I actually forgot my password. I have missed blogging but in typical Vicky stylee I have been too busy. The problem with being busy is that I miss my favourite tv shows, get invited out to really cool places with cool people and have to say no, and my diet and my skin suffers like mad. I have been painting with white gloss most of the week, the damn stuff sticks to everything. I have it in my hair, on my face which has clogged my pores, on my nails and some how on my arse cheeks. I have absolutely no idea how I got it on my arse but since I have been working until the wee hours of the morning I think I may have fell asleep in the paint.

Next week I am moving, and somehow have to plan Uni work into that time. And then in 2 and a half weeks it is my birthday and I have to fit celebrations in too. And then in between that I start my work experience at a secondary school. I seriously am a nutcase. But I am an organised and motivated nutcase theres the difference. I can't wait to put pictures of my new house up soon. Never have I been so dedicated to a project before. I have found the perfect house and am busy printing my personality on every room.

My living room is black and white with bits of grey, with uber chic flowery wall paper on the main wall.

My hall has all my photographs across the wall with a 'home sweet home' canvas in between.

My kitchen is red and cream with retro wall art.

The conservatory is the kids playroom, they have a sofa and a desk for their drawing and colouring, and a TV and wii, PS3 etc.

My study (I have a bloody study woo hoo) has a red theme. Red rug, red curtains, red wall art, red filing cabinets.

My daughters room is a purple paradise with butterflies everywhere.

My sons room is blue with Thomas everywhere.

And well my room is the only room that has not been done, cos I can't be arsed yet. This is a future project.

Disneyland was fantastic. At times I got quite emotional, as I had always wanted to go to Disneyland when I was younger and it was such a great feeling to be able to take my own kids there. I wish we had gone for longer than three days because there was so much we didn't get to see and do.

I hope everyone is enjoying their break whatever it is you are up to. xxx

Saturday, 27 March 2010

I know this girl

I know this girl who is very unhappy. On the surface she appears fine. She smiles, she laughs, she can be very confident and outgoing, but deep down she is terrified and confused. She doesn't want anybody to know so she pretends that everything is fine, she gets embarrassed that sometimes she can't cope. She organises every inch of her life just so she can control something, but she can't control the nagging thoughts in her head, the ones that tell her to change.

She is a wife and a mother. Every day when she wakes up she puts her mother head on and does motherly things. When she is with her husband she performs the duties of a wife. When she is at university she is neither a wife or a mother, for a few sweet hours she is just Vicky. She can be herself and it is great. She can talk about things that interest her with other people who are on the same intellectual level (most of the time their intellect is higher but still).

I do miss Vicky. She is here somewhere deep down. I like it when she pops up every now and again, when she is happy and when she smiles. Vicky has the balls to make decisions. The younger Vicky would do something about being unhappy. Young Vicky had fun last night. She laughed and danced and was blissfully happy. Today the mother and wife Vicky is back and feeling guilty for going out, and feeling bad about arguing with her husband. I suppose younger Vicky and new Vicky need to find an ideal balance.

Woah, this is a bit of an intense, weird slightly suicidle sounding post. I'm not suicidal, no need to alert the ambulance or anything. Maybe I'm still a bit drunk? Been a difficult day, and have a lot to think about.

Anyway, to all my uni friends I love you all, you make me feel like myself and I love that about you all.